I first thought of the concept of Growth Without Greed in 2008, when it became clear that greed played a major role in the Global Financial Crisis. Things got personal in 2013 when I was made redundant for the first time in my career, and divorce swiftly followed.
The idea was then implied in the books I released in 2019, with characters trying to do the right thing. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I started writing regularly about human connection, looking after each other, and looking after the planet, and Growth Without Greed was finally born in 2021.
It has been quite a journey to get to this point, but I’m hoping it is just the beginning. I have no idea where this will lead, but I would love the idea of Growth Without Greed to seep into the consciousness of people everywhere, to make the world a better place.
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The 2008 global financial crisis had a devastating impact on many people's lives. Rampant greed fueled the bubble that led to the crisis. Some laws were passed, some changes were made, but the culture of greed remains. If we don’t change how we do business and how we think about money, the same story will play out over and over again. Greed destroys everything it touches - people, families, society, and ultimately the planet we live on.
We shouldn’t have to choose between economic growth and doing what’s right. We can grow and do good for people and the planet simultaneously.
Our mission is to make the world more conscious of the destructive force of greed and how prevalent it is in our institutions and society. We want to promote the idea that it’s possible to have growth in a fairer, more ethical way that is good for people and the planet.
By helping spread the message of growth without greed, you can make a difference. All movements start at the grassroots level. By sharing the Growth Without Greed message you’re making a stand against greed. You’re encouraging people to be more conscious about the role Greed plays in the world. Over time, you can inspire behavioral change in others.
Join us in the fight against greed and promote a healthier, more ethical, and sustainable way of doing business in the world.
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How you can get involved

1. Purchase something from our clothing line. If you believe in our message, buy one for a friend or family member to spread the word further. A percentage of the proceeds goes to a charity of your choice, and any left over profits are put back into growing Growth Without Greed.
2. Head over to the blog and share any articles that resonate with you to social media.

Small actions can make a difference.
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Join us in the fight against greed and promote a healthier, more ethical, and sustainable way of doing business in the world.

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